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Control Panel

Water Methanol Injection Control panel overview

If you are just using your system for race or quick shots for towing, then a few simple on off light will do. Personally I need to see if everything is working when it should be. Lets also not forget how cool an array of LED's look! I used a total of 8 LED's of various colors to indicate what is happening.

Pump Power Green
Pressure Relief Solenoid Yellow
Main Injector Solenoid Green
Main System Power Green
Low Fluid Warning Red
Overflow Tank Full Orange
RPM Solenoid Blue
RPM Power Blue

I removed the original CD player from the dash which made a great place for my control panel. I fabricated the panel out of a piece of sheet aluminum and painted it black. It is held in with allen bolts. I don't think this could have worked out any better.


Water Methanol Injection Control panel on standby system on
Water Methanol Injection Control panel system full throttle with RPM injector active

Water Methanol Injection Control panel led resistor pcb

It's not pretty but it works. This is all of the resistors for the led's soldered on a separate board. Unless you can make a custom pcb board, you will be stuck using the Radio Shack pre-made boards. Getting everything that you want on one board in a nice layout is difficult. It usually ends up being large and bulky. I broke up the led board and the resistor board into two separate boxes.


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