There are several places to get a pump. Checkout the site They have been doing this for quite some time. They suggest using the ShurFlo 60psi bypass pump


Nozzles: Misting nozzles can be found at . Get the stainless steel version - 3178K41. It has a low flow rate of 1 gph (gallon per hour) at 100psi, so you don’t have to worry about to much fluid be sprayed in.

Hose, Fittings and Solenoid Valves:
There are a few sites for these. I got my hose from . As far as solenoid valves and fittings there are many choices, one more expensive than the next. I searched the net for places to buy quality valves and fittings for less. I found Their prices are very reasonable. Valves are $19.00 and fittings are competitive.
Fuel Filter:
Professional Products Powerflow Inline Performance Filter with 3/8-NPT Ports


As discussed on the instruction page, there ar many controllers to choose from.

RPM Switch:
Without a doubt one of the best buys on an RPM light. Other major companies charge over 100.00 for something that does less. Kudos to Harlen Engineering.
Voltage Regulator:
This is the kit I used to build the voltage regulator on the throttle body.
Overflow Tank:
This is a washer fluid tank from JC Whitney. Just type in the search field “ELECTRIC WINDSHIELD WASHER”, It costs about $20.00.
Float Switch:
Google plastic float switch. I found one here,
Google 528T Pulse Timer. There are sold at car audio sites for around 15.00
Fuse Block:
There is a newer version of the one that I have. It has no cover and no negative bus, which isn't needed anyway. Check around the site for other Blue Sea Systems.
I found solenoids on Ebay. Just do a search for continuous duty solenoid. They run about 15.00

Hook Up Wire:
I found a guy on Ebay that was selling packages of Automotive Electric Primary wire in all kinds of gauges.